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m03528072score:4.5 / 52022-05-22
It's a little old.. During the National Day
laofangscore:4.5 / 52022-05-12
A good hotel. The layout and equipment meet the standard of a 4-star hotel. The breakfast is OK. The room service is very good and the attitude is amiable. The car is parked at the hotel, which is far from the seaside, but the transportation is convenient. I will stay next year! Thank you for leaving us good memories!
F98030007score:4.8 / 52022-05-09
It's worth checking in
Jmonstrscore:5.0 / 52022-05-07
The environment is good. Eating in the hotel is delicious and not expensive. It's not far from the downtown area. It's recommended to take a taxi. The hotel provides free taxi service. It is only by looking at the pictures of entertainment facilities sent by someone that they take their children to live here, but most of them are not free. They give 5 game coins and can't play anything. They either break down or need to pay extra. There are only a few boring game consoles left. There is no place to take a walk in the hotel. It is said that there is a garden, but when the public security meeting is held, it is forbidden to enter. In this case, it's not as good as the Dongshan Hotel opposite. There's a lot of room for a walk. I'm too lazy to change places.
dalaoli315score:4.8 / 52022-05-07
The sea view room in Building 1 is OK, but the sea view room in building 2 is really invincible (Note: the higher the floor, the better).
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