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The Blue Sky Hotel (Weihai Lantia Binguan) is located near Liugong Island and is comprised of three villas facing the sea. The hotel is about 10 km from the railway station and 35 km from the airport.    There are 160 rooms and suites,  including single rooms,  standard rooms,  suites and duluxe suites. Most are equipped with internet access and safety box.

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住客评论 1335条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • famousjiajia
    Nice, beautiful environment
  • mrsdaixia
    Very good
  • Adodo
    Service as it used to, the bed is not clean hair, breakfast fruits did not wash, the waiter actually said was this, pillows uncomfortable, but the hotel does not have an alternate. for three years, feel so bad this time, next time do not consider staying.
  • Socorro
    Old hotel, the surrounding environment is not good, as far as the hotel General
  • d03182644
    Nice view, quiet location.
  • O Bull
    Sea-view room sight sea, room facilities are old and this Samsung's standards, feel love again
  • baeyer
    Hotel of service super good, a got off Concierge Department of Mr full help I took with luggage until I do finished procedures and sent to room, not know he of name is thanks he. front desk Zhang LJ service very good, help I arrangements of room also is satisfaction, later continued room of when trouble to help I coordination arrangements room. also help I contact sent Express, reflected has very high of literacy. I is thanks she. addition also thanks front desk; small Liu. Zhang LJ, Wu Li, Ding Wuxia, three bit staff,Very amiable. room waiter Tao Yi very thoughtful thoughtful, see I cough, returned to I sent PEAR, help I to find conversion wiring, such of waiter hard have. Concierge Department of Wang Yongsheng Concierge Department, Li Yongke also very seriously is responsible for, help I called rental contact Express help I save things, catering Chen Xiangling, Xu Zifan, Ma Chengmei also very enthusiasm thoughtful. This is to Weihai a better of impression. hotel breakfast is big, taste also good, probably 10 minutes can go to beach, wholeBody satisfaction!
  • baby__nini
    Good food, good service
  • apple_lai
    Scenery is great, great after a night of live another night. category a lot for breakfast, very quiet.
  • jiameimei
    Location was good, quiet, very close from the urban area, eating recommendations to Memorial road, clean affordable! from the landmark scenic spot very close. friendly, room clean, bright! next time, still live here!
  • gogoedison
    Which is very nice
  • fuxiaofan1982
    Order of 2nd floor, expensive than Lou, good condition, drinking and body cleaner, Yes
  • moyongfan
    Service is very good, staff very friendly. it makes impressive.
  • ejdio
    Comfort and service. clean town, chic hotel, leisurely vacation, perfect
  • asftennis
    Was good, now favor fruit is not sent, haha, really doesn't matter, as long as other ways to maintain good good!
  • lisalxm63
    Advantages: Nice, breakfast is great, there are special dishes for children, price is still very high. shortcomings: the bathroom is too small, flush mounted behind the door, out door meet danger, just went in and found that a lot of long hair on the ground, our whole family is short.
  • naxinyue
    Big room, great view. when meeting police, blocked the small hotel within walking Park, outside the car to drive to the hotel, walking insecurity. leisure purposes are not up to. Hotel General supporting swimming pool gym free of charge, others are paid.
  • e00174068
    You alright
  • bbamy2005
    Very nice rooms
  • benby
    Really nice, only a pity is the bathroom a bit small, and other really good indoor pool is also very good, next time will come
  • Dr Reddy
    Really good hotel,
  • MapleYe
    Good value for money good. breakfast was great, the restaurant is also very good?
  • jinwei82
    Hotel location good, from room looked out is sea, unfortunately we to of days weather not is to force, misty of, see not to blue of sea. we live in first, floor, compared old, especially bathroom, really of good small, but hotel in of employees service are is good, very kind, especially lobby Manager Zhang LJ Miss, from we also not staying on began help solution various problem, is thoughtful, praise a! addition hotel of catering also is good, taste price are is suitableAnd recommend!
  • e04477270
    Weihai of prices not is your, can this hotel of price not cheap, close 510 days of price also is a four star hotel, your also on forget, can experience not good, first is staying do procedures, front desk of reception business seems not familiar, make has several back are didn't lane clear I of mean, next is three days of settled put card to made day of. zhiqian listening to friends said here breakfast also good, second days experience breakfast found put fruit of near flies mess fly, also didn't people tube, check out dayTo eat breakfast, found wash good of? with paper a wipe full is black of, most flower of explained is waiter said kitchen in of master said are with fruits and vegetables detergent wash had has, is such black of also let I assured eat, will such of? you himself will eat did? room health also not is in place, first days back found bed Shang of hair are no cleanup clean, pillow or too gaoyao not too low, also no other select of. except location superior points, near beach, other really nothing advantage hasNext month in Weihai travel must be selected.
  • nustar258
    Quiet hotel in the Hill, the hotel has its own small garden walk up very well in the morning, is slightly more mosquitoes. slightly less than is a little far from the beach, but in the room can see the sea. overall good hotel, friendly staff, very good and trustworthy. next time you have the opportunity to Weihai will be staying in the hotel.
  • xiaojunjun1982
    Nice hotel, service in place.
  • lingjun0329
  • Roadwoman
    Hotel is near the sea, walk more than 10 minutes to the beach. and around the quiet, not noisy. Breakfast is very rich. daily fruit gift ... is this place.
  • Megan.Li
    Hotels price high. facility slightly old, but outside the glass window sea view or intoxicated people. service was very good, breakfast very good. the location of the hotel is also very good, very close to the beach ... recommended!
  • Rxixi
    Very good view, driving more convenient, hotel service very good, swimming pool in a separate building is a bit far
  • aladdin8210
    This is the 1th floor, facilities compared to the 2nd floor there is a gap, but is also good, the surroundings of the hotel did not have to say, picturesque, with perfect matching, rave
  • clear_du
    Very good
  • aiai0607
    1th floor full sea-view big bed breakfast for less than 400, 10 minutes from downtown by car, air and cooler temperatures than urban areas, is a very old hotel, but room facilities, maintenance, heated swimming pool and there is a golf video game table tennis rich basketball package, Weihai family hotel is a good choice
  • jacalwu
    All right.
  • e05461485
    Really good hotel! nice!
  • e00374759
    Relatively quiet around, also has a basketball court and a golf course. room facilities is very good, very clean. There is the legend of the toilet, very surprised. buffet breakfast is also good, pretty much.
  • cl123
    Scenic hotel in Beihai, the old brand! great service, hotel hardware is very comprehensive, good health!
  • foxbaibai
    Very good
  • lucy915
    Set has two late of Seaview big bed room, staying Shi was told can free for we upgrade suite, good moved ~ suite is two a Studios transformation of, so has two door, 2505 and 2506 silly points not clear, Seaview is beauty, hotel is cadres reception hotel, so I more than 40 age of husband has times Xia taxi master is enthusiasm of 'led, you to has' haha! room within facilities great, ware is toto, furniture compared old, was is led live of hotel,3rd floor leaders receive foreign guests only, hotels with a swimming pool, but don't have time to go, sea view room opposite the landmark!
  • greylue1979
    Very good
  • duanwei1970
    Really think blue sky hotel is good, although it is high season, services do not discount at all, heart praise. Weihai this season, is a hotel is full, but earnestly recommends blue sky hotel. and Weihai off-season to better!
    Is already a second stay at details rigorous atmosphere, restaurant, something fresh, the service is good, taste good.
  • sunyoujun
    Hotel location is very good, I like quiet. wake up in the morning is quiet image. feeling refreshed!
  • llg420
    Very good
  • mandy2000
    Surrounded by sea on three sides and fresh air, very close to the city centre, and indoor environments can also give people a warm feeling, it is worth mentioning is that their service is warm, it is worth staying
  • misuli
    Very good
    Coming from Yantai, this hotel Yantai sea view room was much better than, live on the 1th floor 4 floor, although a bit far from the sea, but also you can see the sea. the next try, 2nd floor
  • jb890509
    Facilities and location is very good, management in place, the swimming pool water is not clean.
  • teresa3425
    The environment around the hotel is very good, very quiet, renovated time slightly longer, slightly old furniture and equipment, particularly wallpaper carpets and so on, when this time because at peak season, occupancy rates seems to be very high, not satisfied with the arrangement of the room.
  • bluestar
    Weihai should is is good of hotel has, to has Hou found than imagine in the of good. location in mountain Shang, Seaview quite good, is quiet. was command parking, active help took luggage, front desk also is kind, has asked will answer. room not is big, but is warm, health good, various details is in place, daily are sent fruit. breakfast rich, restaurant price moderate, taste good. Entertainment project is more, swimming water compared clean. to later Weihai also will live here.